Worboys Fit

See the size chart below to check our measurements.

Please note that our sizing comes up on the small side and the shirts are normally worn with the top button unfastened so, if in doubt, it is safest to choose a size larger

(If you are buying one of our First Collection shirts - please see this separate size guide)

Design & Construction

We are perfectionists at heart and slightly obsessed with detail. After many factory visits all over Europe, we have selected only the best factories and mills to produce our shirts. We have found partners that share our passion for quality designed products and welcome their knowledge and expertise to help nurture our brand. Working closely with the best European manufacturers, we have access to cutting edge technology ensuring that each individual shirt is constructed to perfection. From bespoke buttons to  angled cuffs,the shirts look striking and feel fabulous to wear.

Fabric & Feel

We’ve used a luxurious extra long staple cotton yarn for the 2024 Collection,making these new shirts super soft. The fabric is great for all seasons. It’s also durable and environmentally friendly.

Print & Colour

Our love for print and colour was the inspiration behind creating the  Worboys brand. We love how a ‘pop’ of colour can bring an outfit to life, reflecting the wearer’s personality. We print all of our fabric digitally as unlike traditional methods, digital printing is very environmentally friendly.  These machines use water-based Eco-friendly ink, which  bonds the design to the fabric with steam instead of harmful chemicals.  This means no excess ink is used, and no harmful chemicals are necessary. The end result is a print quality with extreme sharpness and long lasting colour vitality.