In the summer of 2016, Worboys shirts was the creation of three friends that have a strong passion for quality, tailored shirts with eye-catching print designs.

They strive to create shirts that look and feel great to wear; Shirts that are smart enough to wear to an occasion and to wear to the pub.

Fast forward a few years and this idea is now a reality.

A small team of print designers work to create fun but sophisticated prints.  Keeping things fresh, print designs are produced in limited runs and regularly refreshed. Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than turning up to a party with a guy wearing the same shirt as you.  

The shirts are environmentally friendly too, Worboys prints digitally – unlike traditional methods, digital printing is very green. The machines use water-based eco-friendly ink, which bonds the design to the fabric with steam instead of harmful chemicals. This means no excess ink is used, and no harmful chemicals are necessary.

With time devoted to create the perfect fit; Worboys Shirts are cut to just skim the torso, bringing you in at the waist line resulting in a flattering fit without restricting your figure. Not stopping there, Worboys Shirts are made from the finest fabrics which are treated to give a luxurious softness and even grain.

Continuing to be inspired by colour and print design, Worboys aim to regularly launch new designs – keeping your wardrobe updated with new colours and great print designs.