Fine tailoring, print and colour is what drives us here at Worboys Shirts. Shirts that have a bit more personality than your average stripe or check number.

Environmentally friendly, each one of our printed shirts is digitally printed. Low power machines use water-based Eco-friendly ink, which bonds the design to the fabric with steam instead of harmful chemicals.  This means no excess ink is used, and no harmful chemicals are necessary. The end result is a print quality with extreme sharpness and long lasting colour vitality.




Cotton, one of the most widley used materials in the clothing industry. Soft and breathable, its hypoallergenic qualities won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. Cotton is strong, machine washable that retains its shape and colour. But like most things in life, cotton has different qualities.

Worboys poplin shirts are spun out of long fine cotton yarns, that have thread count of 120. This results in a smoother touch and cooler to wear.


Cotton can be woven in many different ways. When it comes to shirting, you will find that Cotton poplin generally comes up top. Cotton Poplin, known as ‘the quintessential dress shirt fabric’, is a plain weave, tightly woven with fine yarns. This creates a dense, yet light weight, smooth fabric.  Its resistance to creasing has made it the classic choice and a staple in men’s clothing.

To make our shirts even softer, we have treated our Poplin's to a process called ‘emerising’.  This is an additional process where the fabric is passed over a series of emery covered rollers to produce a luxurious softness.



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