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Wear Pink

Wear Pink

For a while now we've been seeing a surge in popularity of a pink colour palette in menswear and shows alike. Fashion portrayed on the catwalk is generally a bit OTT but is always a strong indication to what colours and shapes we will be seeing in the forthcoming seasons. The colour pink has been no exception. Back in the 19th century, pink was a colour associated with masculinity (boys were actually dressed in pink as children), but since pink dominated the menswear runways in 2016 it seems men everywhere are finally becoming accustomed to wearing the colour. In fact over the last two years pink has seen a huge revival in both designer and high street stores with shades of the stuff popping up everywhere.

When talking pink, Mr Porter style director Dan May says “No colour is off limits. It’s just the way you style it and the confidence with which you pull it off.” 

Like skin, pink comes in many shades and the key to making pink work for you is ensuring it’s the right one. “Picking the wrong shade can bleach out your skin tone and work against your complexion,” says Farfetch menswear editor Tony Cook.. “For paler skin, a stronger, deeper tone works best. A pale pink shade, like Worboys linen Antibes, complements a post-holiday glow and darker skin.


Pink is a bold colour, so it's easiest to wear when paired with a darker colour, most notably navy. If you're off on your holidays, invest in a pink linen shirt like the one below, and pair it with some navy chino shorts to counter balance the brighter hue.  Pink also works well with beige so pairing your pink shirt with a classic pair of beige chinos (beach roll optional) will always stand the test of time. Finally, don’t be afraid to brake the pink out in winter. Pink shirts look great in the winter peeking out from outerwear, such as a gillet or a sharp blue blazer, injecting some colour into winter wardrobes that have a tendency to stay safe.

So with summer being the perfect time to try something new, will you be wearing pink this season? Take a look at our at our pink linen shirt here or if you're after a pink printed shirts  click here


The quintessential linen shirt

The quintessential linen shirt

We are so excited to be able to introduce to you the new collection of tailored linen shirts. The quintessential linen shirt is perhaps one of the most timeless summer staples. Available in three classic colours and two tailored fits, a Worboys linen shirt is an effortless choice that will keep you cool and stylish.

A bit about linen

Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant, the very nature of linen allows air to circulate the body keeping you cool. Its structure and low thread count means it's less likely to cling to the skin. Linen is also highly absorbent and therefore has the ability to quickly absorb moisture from the body leaving you fresh during those summer days.

The best way to tell the difference between a high and poor quality linen is to wash it. After the first few washes a quality linen will shine through. A premium linen will become softer as well as retaining its shape and colour. So just like a good wine, It only improves with age. Whereas, a poor quality linen will do the opposite.

Mens Pale pink premium linen shirt

Worboys linen shirt

The essential ingredients to a quality linen shirt are: 100% premium European linen and a flattering fit. These things may be obvious but one without the other can result in a linen shirt that is, shall we say, ‘below par’.

A Worboys linen shirt is made from the best European linen that starts off soft and will only get softer after every wash. A linen that is built to stand the test the time and will be a shirt that will see you through many holidays! Cut in two different styles, Worboys slim fit is a modern fit that gently tapers in at the waist creating a smooth and neat silhouette. In selected sizes we also offer a Worboys classic fit, that’s generously cut for those who prefer a traditional, more accommodating shape. Extra flourishes such as a single pink button hole and Worboys embroidered logo adds a touch of individuality, special, to Worboys shirts.

A linen shirt you can invest in. That will last you years, not just a season. 

Linen shirt collection


How to wear your linen shirt

A linen shirt is traditionally worn in warmer, humid climates and should generally follow the rule – less is more.

Its versatility offers itself to both day and night, whether you find yourself relaxing on a catamaran in the middle of Mediterranean or strolling through London on a hot summers day, a quality linen shirt is the summer staple of choice.

Wear your linen shirt with a pair of tailored shorts or a slim pair of chinos, creating a confident yet understated elegance. Footwear should be smart yet relaxed, a pair of boat shoes or a comfortable pair of suede espadrilles always bodes well. Accessories your shirt with a smart watch to add a touch of sophistication or leather bangles for a more relaxed look.

So with summer finally making an appearance in the UK, will you be investing in a Worboys linen shirt?

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Summers In The Air

Summers In The Air

Summer has certainly arrived at Worboys, with an abundance of beautiful tulips in the cutting garden and the arrival of some very cute lambs. To celebrate the arrival of summer we have chosen a few of our summer favourites,  perfect for your up and coming  summer gatherings.

We are very lucky to be working in such beautiful surroundings here at Worboys HQ.
Based in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside, we are surrounded by wildlife and have had the pleasure of welcoming 60 (yes 60!) gorgeous lambs into the world.